Please join us for a Pesticide Training Course on August 22, 2023, in Williamsport, PA. 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

The cost for the day of education is $50 for Penn-Del ISA members or $75 for non-chapter members

Pennsylvania pesticide credits are being applied for, we anticipate receiving approval for the following categories: 10, 23, 14, 6, PC, and core. Once the credits have been approved, we will update with the credit amounts.

ISA Certification Education Units (CEUs) will be available. We expect to be approved for at least 4 CEUs for the workshop. Once the credits have been approved, we will update with the credit amounts.

Registration Link: Pesticide Training - Williamsport, PA


Pesticide Spill Response and PPE Demonstration Genevieve Christ

This demonstration presentation will review the steps to take when handling a pesticide spill. Equipment and PPE included in a spill kit will also be discussed. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with the materials needed to handle a pesticide spill. 


Invasive Pests in the Landscape - Mark Ware

While most would agree that world trade is great, we are shipping and receiving more than just iPhones and pop-sockets. There are constant interceptions of foreign pests, and unfortunately, some get through. Over the past few years, we’ve become very familiar with invasives such as the Stinkbug, Emerald Ash Borer, and more recently the Spotted Lanternfly. In this discussion, we will be talking about newer threats to our ornamental landscapes, whether they are pests that are new to the United States or pests that have been here but are new to the Pennsylvania area.


Utility Right of Way Herbicide Application Methods - Todd Hagenbuch

Todd will highlight some of the most common herbicide application methods used in Utility Right-of-Way vegetation management.  Application methods include HVF, LVF, LVB, Cut Stump, Cut Surface, Hack N Squirt, Cut Stubble, and even UAVs.  In addition, Todd will share some of the common herbicides used in each of these methods.  Equipment requirements will also be highlighted in the 60-minute presentation.


Common Invasive Plants, Shrubs, and Trees of PA - Koby Cutchall

Koby will identify some of the common invasive plant species in Pennsylvania.  Plants like Japanese Knotweed, Ailanthus, Autumn Olive, and many others.  He will discuss why they are problematic, how they back invasive in the United States, and the best control measures. Arborchem will make herbicide recommendations for these various species based on experience and research from the industry and academia.


Outdoor Application Demonstration - Todd Hagenbuch & Koby Cutchall

Todd and Koby will demonstrate high-volume foliar application, Backpack Low Volume Foliar application, Backpack Low Volume Basal Application, and Backpack Thinvert Application.  Equipment maintenance and choosing the right application method will be discussed.  Physical demonstrations will occur on various invasive plants on the Dincher and Dincher property.