Penn-Del Committees

ARBOR DAY COMMITTEE, Brian Wolyniak, Chair

General Committee Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate Arbor Day of Service events throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware
  • Coordinate with the Executive Director
  • Promote Arbor Day to the general membership
  • Assist in determining recipients of Gold Leaf Award and coordinate with Awards Committee.

 Contact Brian Wolyniak at [email protected]

AWARDS COMMITTEE, Kristin Wild, Chair

General Committee Responsibilities:

  • Solicit Penn-Del ISA membership for nominees and determine recipients for all annual Chapter awards. Prepare nominations for annual ISA Awards and other awards as deemed appropriate.
  • Coordinate the production of the awards to be presented at the annual Shade Tree Symposium
  • Submit nominations for ISA awards prior to the designated deadlines.

To nominate someone for an award, please go to this LINK


EDUCATION COMMITTEE, Brian Wolyniak, Chair

General Committee Responsibilities:

  • Schedule all Penn-Del Chapter educational programs for the year such as tree climbing school, SRT, crane school, risk assessment
  • Work with Symposium committee to obtain speakers and establish agenda for the annual conference.
  • Notify Newsletter Editor and Publicity Committee of all programs throughout the year. Suggest extra mailings for specific programs to increase attendance. Possibly locate in other parts of the state.

OUTREACH COMMITTEE, John Hosbach & Megan Kacenski

General Committee Responsibilities:

  • Manage social media platforms
  • Prepare advertising and publicity items for Penn-Del ISA and the industry
  • Determine goals and follow through to increase new membership
  • Recruit and retain committee chairs and members



Three past presidents comprise this committee and one non-board member shall be appointed. They shall solicit nominations for Chapter elected and appointed positions as provided in the by-laws. Nominations shall be brought before the Chapter Board for approval.



General Committee Responsibilities:

  • This committee shall consist of all Past Presidents of the Penn-Del Chapter. The committee shall elect its chairman annually. This committee shall hold at least one meeting per year, announced in advance for input from the Board.
  • The committee shall serve in an advisory or consulting capacity to the Chapter Board. It shall promote and preserve the objectives, traditions, and professionalism of ISA and the Penn-Del Chapter of ISA. It also shall assist in reviewing and maintaining the Policies and Procedures documents.
  • Special efforts should be directed to supporting the work of the TREE Fund.
  • The Chapter will sponsor a luncheon for all Past Presidents at the annual Symposium. Symposium registration will be paid for all past presidents over age 65.
  • During the year the Chapter will sponsor an annual dinner for Past Presidents Advisory Committee. Spouses or guests are invited at their own expense. To review and revise constitution and by-laws as needed at the request of the Chapter Board.
  • The committee shall appoint one past president to serve on the Chapter Board.


Chaired by President-Elect

The Committee will include the Vice President and the current President. Other appointees are to be made by the chairman and at the discretion of the committee. The executive secretary will serve as coordinator of the Symposium. At the first Board meeting after the annual Symposium, the Chair of the Symposium Committee shall present a preliminary program for the following year. A set of guidelines for planning the Symposium, including deadlines for completion, shall be compiled.



General Committee Responsibilities: The primary responsibility of the Tree Climbing Championship Committee is to oversee all Tree Climbing Championships held by the Penn-Del Chapter and to ensure that they are conducted according to all rules of the ISA TCC. The committee shall consist of one chairman appointed by the President and 4 appointed members from throughout the geographical area of the Penn-Del Chapter.

  • Organize all TCC activities, to include publicity, registration, horticulture booth, judging, set-up, insurance, prizes, and miscellaneous activities
  • Arrange location.
  • Provide Awards for contestants.
  • Prepare budget, monitor expenses and report to Board of Directors.
  • Chapter Board will determine the winning Chapter contestant to attend the International Tree Climbing Competition. The ISA office is to be notified by the Executive Director. 


TREE Fund, Kevin Weber, Chapter Liaison

General Responsibilities: The Penn-Del ISA liaison to the TREE Fund is responsible for communication between our two organizations. This includes fundraising efforts, activities, webinars, events, and the Tour de Trees.